Pražská Brána – Apartment Buildings A1 & A2




Linkcity Czech Republic

Construction period

03/2014 – 02/2016

Type of construction

Residential, Development

Scope of services

Construction & Property Development

  • Green Site Office is a tool of the Bouygues Construction Group aimed to mitigate the environmental impacts of the site installation on the construction locality, e.g. by reducing water and electricity consumption, using efficient cooling and heating, waste prevention and sorting, or raising awareness of environmental issues.
  • Linkcity Czech Repulic is a property development company of VCES group.
Pražská Brána is the last stage in the construction of 400 new apartments in Olomouc’s Pražská neighborhood.

The project included building two apartment buildings along with the related MEP, paved routes, waste management, parking, playgrounds, and park landscaping. The construction also included digging through a protective embankment. This is the last stage in the construction of apartment buildings in the Olomouc neighborhood of Pražská. This construction has been preceded by the completion of 4 apartment buildings.

The apartment buildings have been designed with 8 and 9 floors, respectively; the ground floor contains entry spaces, cellar cubicles, and technical facilities for the apartments. Moreover, garages are located in the ground floor of Building A1. The other floors are comprised of a communal hallway with apartments ranging in size from studio to 4 rooms plus kitchen. The larger apartments are located on the top floors. Each apartment has its own balcony, loggia, or terrace. There is a separate staircase built into Building A1 between the 7th and 8th floors, and these floors have a greater clear ceiling height of 3.5 m. The two apartment buildings contain 92 apartments, 9 garages, and one commercial unit.

Solariums for two apartments from the 8th floor are located on the roof of Building A2. They are connected to the apartments by wooden spiral staircases, creating the 9th floor. Steel pergolas for installing solar panels complete roof construction. The roof parapet is composed of glass railings along the entire circumference of the building.

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