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Linkcity Czech Republic a.s.

Construction period

11/2011 – 08/2021

Type of construction

Residential, Development

Scope of services

Construction & Property Development

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  • Linkcity Czech Repulic is a property development company of VCES group.
Modern living which is both in city center and in harmony with nature.

Linkcity’s own development project located in the center of Chrudim meets high requirements for modern residential housing. The Chrudimpark Residence project offers apartment buildings connected to the town park, which create a unique place to live.

Currently, there are three more apartment buildings under construction – Akát (acacia), Ambroň (sweetgum) and Azalka (azalea). They will be connected by a basement with garage parking spaces and each building will house 30 residential units.

Phase “A” is a direct follow-up to the 4 previously completed apartment buildings with a total of 99 residential units and one commercial unit. Apartments ranging in floor area from 48 m2 to 97 m2 offer spacious terraces, enclosed balconies or front gardens. All the new buildings have six floors. Their structural frame is made of RC slabs and brick walls with the exception of the 1st floor walls, which are also made of reinforced concrete. Each building is equipped with an elevator.

Chrudimpark J5
Chrudimpark J5
Chrudimpark J3,4
Chrudimpark J5
Chrudimpark J3,4
Chrudimpark J3,4
Chrudimpark J3,4
Chrudimpark J3,4

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