Modernization of Water Treatment Plant in Hradec Králové – 2nd and 3rd phase


Hradec Králové


Vodovody a kanalizace Hradec Králové, a. s.

Construction period

07/2012 – 10/2017

Type of construction

Water management

Scope of services


Reconstruction and modernization of waste water treatment plant for maximum output 150 l/s

The project concerns the treatment of surface water from the Orlice river into drinking water for Hradec Králové conurbation.

Both levels of 2-stage water treatment separation, pressure filtration with activated carbon filling, batching of chemicals and ozone for water pre-treatment as well as its final treatment stage, coagulate batching and batching for water alkalizing were reconstructed within the development. As water pumping is concerned two stages of pumping were adjusted, i.e. pumping of raw water for treatment and pumping of water after the second separation stage to final treatment on pressure filters with GAU. Modification of aggregates for filter regeneration and installation of a new modern control system were also included.

The third phase dealt with finishing the reconstruction of water treatment process which had not been possible in the previous reconstruction stages. This means collecting raw water from the Orlice river, which has relation to changing the screens and the scum board in the riverbank intake well. In the following coarse filtration the machine wiped screens were changed and all the concrete and steel constructions were remediated. Improvements connected to the complete exchange of technological equipment in the buildings of machinery space, pumping station and accumulating tanks were also part of the development.

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