Refurbishment of WWTP and Completion of Sewerage System in Letohrad




Vodovody a kanalizace Jablonné nad Orlicí, a.s.

Construction period

10/2011 – 12/2013

Type of construction

Water management

Scope of services


The refurbishment of waste water treatment plant increased the capacity to 15 450 PE.

The refurbishment of WWTP significantly increased its capacity with the aim to ensure the future town and agglomeration development. Connecting Kunčice and Orlice town neighbourhoods to the system will enable to improve the environment in general and increase the quality of water in the recipient of Tichá Orlice river.

The capacity of the WWTP increased from the former 4,553 to 15,450 PE thanks to the intensification and its output is currently 74 l/s. Using the ASR system ensured the capacity increase without demands on additional staff. All the construction works were carried out during WWTP full operation. It was not necessary to interrupt its operation thanks to appropriately chosen procedures employed to install new technology and reconnect the individual parts.

The project also included construction of almost 3,700 m of new sewerage system in Letohrad and the Kunčice neighbourhood.

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