Mercedes-Benz Trucks Opened a New Service and Sales Center

Today, precisely a year after laying its foundation stone, an opening ceremony was held for the Mercedes-Benz Truck Center in the Vsisko district of Velký Týnec, near Olomouc. This is a new branch of the company Mercedes-Benz Trucks Česká republika, which is an accredited importer of Mercedes-Benz and Fuso cargo trucks and has its headquarters in Prague 5 - Stodůlky. Linkcity is behind the project’s development as a whole, additionally providing construction via its sister company, VCES.

Josef Mařík, CEO of the company Mercedes-Benz Trucks Czech Republic, speaking on this subject: “I’m very happy that practically within a single year, we’ve managed to erect a completely new branch on a greenfield site and set it into operation. Thorough preparation, timely ordering of all the necessary fittings and materials, as well as ongoing communication with all participating parties has paid off for us. Thanks to intensive work on the part of our human resources department, we were able to staff the new branch with personnel, so that we’re already operating a full work schedule of two shifts, seven days a week. I believe the increased capacity and quality of our service network near the junction of the main Moravian motorway routes will bring the expected improvement in accessibility for service work and sales services  – not only for customers in this region, but also for vehicles passing through. I would like to thank our suppliers – foremost, the construction company VCES for completing the construction, but also many others for their cooperation and for meeting difficult deadlines supplying individual fittings and materials. I would also like to thank the municipal authorities of Velký Týnec for significantly supporting and accommodating us, their new neighbors.”

Kristýna Zavrtálková, CEO of Linkcity Czech Republic, evaluated the mutual cooperation: “The story of the new branch for Mercedes-Benz Trucks ČR began in the year 2000 by determining a suitable locality in line with the client’s requirements, followed by detailed project preparations and the construction itself. We value the fact that we’ve had the opportunity to participate in expanding the sales and service network of our prestigious client, which carries leading brands in the automobile industry.”

Zdeněk Pokorný, CEO of the construction company VCES, spoke about the construction: “I could summarize our cooperation with the company Mercedes-Benz Trucks ČR simply using the words professionalism and drive. Thanks to these two characteristics and careful preparations, which were provided by teams belonging to the investor, the developer Linkcity, VCES’s technical division, and the planner during the preparations phase, we can open this new service center together in Velký Týnec today, precisely a year after the foundation stone was laid. During the course of construction, there was the addition of excellent mutual communication, thanks to which we were able to react flexibly to task modifications and new requirements on the part of the investor. I trust that we have now met their expectations for the second time, and I wish the company Mercedes-Benz Trucks ČR and their new branch many satisfied clients.”

PhDr. Petr Hanuška, Ph.D., the mayor of Velký Týnec, expressed support for the construction: “The municipality of Velký Týnec welcomes the entrance of the company Mercedes-Benz Trucks Česká republika s.r.o. to the Central Moravian Region. The municipal authorities have weighed all the pluses and minuses linked to the current investor’s arrival very carefully and have come to the unequivocal opinion that this distinguished company’s activities will contribute positively to our region’s development; specifically, it will offer many work opportunities  – and not just for our residents only. The operation’s nature and the way it connects into the motorway network correspond to its selected location; in other words, it will in no way negatively influence the environment of the inhabitants of the Vsisko residential area. We trust that the village will maintain mutually advantageous relationships with the company, which, among other things, will help our municipality’s visibility on the entrepreneurial map of the Czech Republic.”

Basic Information About the Construction

Mercedes-Benz Trucks ČR was looking for a suitable location in Central Moravia close to the main freight transport routes. The location at Velký Týnec is easily accessible from the directions of Hradec Králové, Brno, Ostrava, and Opava. The new facility will be situated at the junction of the D35 motorway and the i/55 national road. Together with a new, already existing Mercedes-Benz service center for cargo trucks and buses near Brno at the D1 motorway exit – the authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership Hošek Motor in Ostrovačice – and the newly built service center for cargo trucks near Ostrava – the authorized dealership Croy – Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ service network capacity will be bolstered greatly along the Moravian sections of main routes from east to west as well as north to south.

Facts About the New Mercedes-Benz Trucks
Service and Sales Center

The facility’s premises cover an overall area of more than 50,000 m2. A service center for trucks is located on the grounds – in the near future, there will also be one for buses – which is fully equipped for conducting all common maintenance and repair work. The reception area for service work, the sales place for spare parts, and an area for drivers to wait and rest are located on the ground floor of the adjoined administration building. On the upper floor, there are offices and meeting rooms for sales staff selling new and used trucks as well as facilities for employees – changing rooms, washrooms, and a cafeteria. Surrounding the building, there are enough parking places for both personal as well as cargo vehicles. Also included on the premises is a standing area for used vehicles that are being offered for sale. The building has a modular design, and its current form is in line with the completion of the first phase. It is assumed that in the future, as part of a second phase, the service center capacity and parking areas can continue to expand according to the scope of valid building and zoning permissions.

Concerning influence on the environment, the facilities and all the technologies in use meet all legal requirements. Regarding its location along main routes and its access via an industrial zone in the outskirts of Olomouc, there will be no increase in either noise or emissions burden for the population in the area. A significant part of the site will be covered with green areas. Recharging stations for electric vehicles will also be included on the premises, with their number expecting to grow quickly in the near future.

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