Capacity of Water Treatment Plant in Písty to Increase

On Friday, 12 April 2019, a symbolic foundation stone ceremony officially launched a project aimed at modernizing the water treatment plant in Písty. This event was organized in parallel to negotiations on water management infrastructure of the company Vodovody a kanalizace Nymburk (Nymburk Water Supply and Sewerage Company) attended by Miroslav Toman, the Minister of Agriculture.

The water treatment plant in Písty, which was first put into operation in 1993, supplies drinking water not only to ten villages located west of the town of Nymburk, but also to the Nymburk malt house and industrial area. In addition, it provides a reserve capacity of 250 m3 per day for the town of Český Brod as well as for Nymburk, in case of a failure at the water treatment plant in Poděbrady. During the official ceremony, Miloš Petera, Chairman of the Board of Vodovody a kanalizace Nymburk, pointed out that the currently available capacity of 31.7 l/s was completely utilized, further adding that after expanding the spring area and changing the water treatment technology, it would be possible to supply up to 50 l/s to the network.

In terms of its total costs, the project has been estimated at CZK 139 990 000, where the construction works and the supply of water treatment technology represent an amount of CZK 111 590 000 and the costs of expanding the spring area will total CZK 28 400 000. Vodovody a kanalizace Nymburk will cover the funds required for the project from a subsidy in the amount of CZK 50 000 000 granted by the Ministry of Agriculture, in addition to its own financial resources.

The project design will be developed by VIS – Vodohospodářsko-inženýrské služby and the technical supervision on Client’s behalf will be provided by REALSTAV MB. The execution of construction works and the supply of technology has been awarded to “Společnost ÚV Písty”, a consortium of companies represented by VCES, Stavební huť Slatiňany and EUROVIA CS. Zdeněk Pokorný, Chairman of the Board of VCES, comments on the construction process, “The works ahead of us will be carried out without interrupting the operation of the plant”, further adding, “The modernization of the water treatment plant will require installation of new pressure filters and refurbishment of existing open filters. There are also six existing raw water wells, which will be rehabilitated and equipped with new technology for pumping and measuring basic indicators. In addition, the spring area will be expanded to include three new 15m deep wells. Last but not least, all the individual point sources of raw water will be connected to the water treatment plant with a new 1800m long delivery system of water mains.”

The scope of works on the project, which was launched in November 2018, also includes a new thermal insulation system for the treatment plant, replacement of windows, new wiring and change of heating system (solid fuel boiler will be replaced with a heat pump). The consortium of contractors is scheduled to complete the construction works in March 2020.

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