Cuba - Worldwide Hospitality Awards 2015

24 November 2015

Cuba - Worldwide Hospitality Awards 2015

Gaviota Grupo Turismo, supported by Bouygues Batiment International, has been awarded the 2015 Hospitality Awards in the category “Best Initiative in Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility”.

Since 1999, Bouygues Batiment International has been a main actor promoting green concept in the design and construction of the hotels in Cuba. In 2015, this approach has been even more ambitious, and 4 new projects representing no less than 2 000 hotel rooms, have been initiated with the aim to obtain international environmental certifications: LEED® CaGBC and Biodivercity® Label.

The implementation of the Biodivercity label is a very first in Cuba but also a first for Bouygues Batiment International.

This innovative international label is entirely dedicated to enhancement of biodiversity: this is particularly relevant in Cuba where not less than 50% of plant species and 42% of animal species are endemic. The protection of this rich but fragile natural heritage is fundamental.

The following features have been implemented on San Agustin Hotel:

  • Full integration of the building into the natural environment by reducing the footprint and impact of the site;
  • Development of nurseries to conserve and develop endemic species;
  • Creation of green corridors to ensure the movement of animal species;
  • Restoration of beautiful natural gardens with endemic species;
  • Promotion of local biodiversity (fauna & flora) and amenities bringing tourists in contact with nature: mangrove trails, Cuban garden, bird watching in the lagoon, marine eco tours…;
  • and above all awareness and education of tourists and employees to respect nature.


The positive impact of Bouygues Batiment International in Cuba has been recognised by an international Award, famous in the Hotel Industry.

On Thursday 5th November, in front of 800 participants, the Worldwide Hospitality Award has been attributed to Gaviota, the operator of the hotels designed and built by Bouygues in Cuba.